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Asker cadavatar Asks:
Excuse me? When did I ever say anything about white privilege in my post? When did my race have anything to do with what my standpoint was? I'm not trying to 'silence you'. Christ. That is ridiculously illogical on so many different levels. I'm just asking you show some selflessness and not try to make this entire incident about the race of the killer. And yes, I can chew gum and walk at the same time, but that doesn't mean I'm going to blow bubbles while walking over someone's grave.
sonofbaldwin sonofbaldwin Said:

Your “blow bubbles” analogy doesn’t work. Because, you see, I wasn’t saying that I was glad the victims are dead. I was analyzing the privileges of their murderer and condemning those privileges.

And you didn’t say anything about white privilege in your post because you didn’t want to be in breach of the Whiteness contract, which stipulates that you cannot ever admit to your privileges or ever race Whiteness or ever discuss how endemic racism is in everything that is the United States. I understand. I don’t sympathize AT ALL, but I understand.

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