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Hi, I found your tumblr trying to find more context on the voter ID law changes in the US (I live in Canada). I'm still confused- is it uncommon (or expensive) to have government photo ID? (is there no such thing as State ID card that isn't a driver's license?). Since it isn't one federalized system I seem to be finding contradictory articles depending on the state in question. Would you have any links that might clear this up? Thanks!
sonofbaldwin sonofbaldwin Said:

People have government issued IDs if they own vehicles. Otherwise, people use whatever ID they can secure freely or cheaply (school ID, etc).

State IDs are not only expensive for some people, but they require that you have a whole other set of documents (birth certificate and such) that also cost money (and time) to procure if you don’t, for whatever reasons, already have them.

But all of that is entirely beside the point. These voter ID laws are simply a way to disenfranchise the poor and/or people of color whose enfranchisement works against the interests of White Supremacist Capitalist Heteropatriarchy (WSCH).

These voter ID laws are just the latest in a long historical effort to undermine the political power of certain populations, ESPECIALLY black Americans.

America is a deeply, deeply racist country. Every decision it makes, even in the election of a nonwhite president, is motivated by racism.

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