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The shade of it all. LOL!

The shade of it all. LOL!

The Kids be killing me when they say, “I’m never going to support Kelly Price again!” because she’s mean and manipulative on R&B Divas: LA. But these same Kids will get all up in their feelings and very, very righteous if you tell them that they shouldn’t be shaking a tail feather to R. Kelly’s music because he molested a 14-year-old girl. Like being mean is worse than being a child molester.

I’m very much not here for the Kids who do this.

Uncle Thomas is shocked the the bread he cast out into the waters came floating back poisoned (to paraphrase James Baldwin).

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We just like to pick and choose what we want to follow. Smh… Ridiculous.

Look at god.


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Family Values Politician Fathered Child Out of Wedlock

Former Sen. Pete Domenici has disclosed that he fathered a secret child in the 1970s with the 24-year-old daughter of one of his Senate colleagues - a startling revelation for a politician with a reputation as an upstanding family man.

Domenici and Michelle Laxalt sent statements to the Albuquerque Journal that announced the relationship for the first time and identified their son as Nevada attorney Adam Paul Laxalt. They said they decided to go public with their decades-old secret because they believed someone was about to release the information in an attempt to smear Domenici.

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“Parishioners felt buoyed by his homilies. They hungrily signed up for his far-flung spiritual pilgrimages, flocked to church fund-raisers to catch his melodious voice interpreting show tunes. He attended opera with a man who would become a cardinal and he himself appeared bound for a bishop’s miter.

But then about two years ago troubling questions began to be whispered. He acted odd. He was thinner. He walked stooped over. He was absent. Was he sick? Or dying? And then the spicy talk about suspicious men trooping in and out of the rectory.

Finally, last month’s revelation. The priest was locked up, charged with dealing crystal methamphetamine.

At a time when priests from California to Delaware have been accused of loathsome deeds, the allegations against Monsignor Wallin, the former pastor of the Cathedral of St. Augustine in Bridgeport, are of a notably different dimension: that he was a drug dealer and addict who was buying an adult novelty shop to launder ill-gotten proceeds, a priest who was cross-dressing and having sex with men.”

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(S/O to Lauryn Hill)

No matter how much Afrikans ‘steal’ (and if you steal stolen goods from a thief, is that theft or karma at work?), they will NEVER, EVER be able to compete with white folks.

Lemme run it down:








I could go on, but you get the point.

Ray-Ray the car jacker, or Keisha the department store pickpocket ain’t even in the same universe.

Junior Burchall

We love Charlie Sheen for all the same reasons we hate Chris Brown.

We hypocrites.

The righteous, conscious, Afrikan, hate-whitey, police-of-all-things-black brother and his blond-haired, blue-eyed wife.